Our quick response time is due to our highly trained and experienced teams backed by an efficient organisation and modern equipment.

DEP has a half century of experience in the field of repair work and remains a forward thinking company so as to answer the requirements of today.

Our service vehicles are fully equipped mobile workshops so that our response and expertise are quickly at your door.

Modernisation and installations

All the expertise of our teams and our knowhow are available to respond with answers to your needs. We are therefore your partner from A to Z not only for upgrades and alterations to your existing installations but also for new projects.


Our project management office is there to be by your side at every stage of your project. DEP will assist with the definition of your needs with the clarity of our experience and our capacity for innovation.

With this solid base, the analysis of the most important requirements allows us to determine the various options and to fix a first approach to the budget.

DEP will be fully committed to the development of your project and will work with you to decide on the options before drawing up specifications.

High Pressure Cleaning

Sanitary installations concern the circulation of fluids as well as their supply and disposal.

Weather and other unforeseen events can disrupt these flows with very undesirable consequences. Often this requires major and expensive interventions to rectify, but sometimes it is possible to overcome the problem quickly by clearing the blockage.

véhicule curage à haute pression

To clear the problem, DEP has available a high pressure unit to clean the pipes and the full length of the drain.

Preventative maintenance can avoid unpleasant overflows with costly outcomes.